Who are we ?

Coming from the financial and the law communities, the founders of the firm  propose a concept that allows tailor-made investments to be set up according to each client's profile and thus meet their specific needs.  

 Because we are mandated by the majority of national promoters, BWS Associés works all over the country which guarantees our independence and the impartiality of our advices.

Moreover, we work at direct price sponsor, which means that our services represent no cost to our customers.  


 Our experience and expertise allow us to find the best product at the best price and with the most satisfactory geographical location.  


 We intervene at each stage of the operation: from the selection of the product, the financial package, the bank file, the implementation of the management, the choice of insurance, to the help of the choice of the tenant.  


Our skills enables us to sell our clients a turnkey patrimonial product.

Together, let's build a serene future.

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01 73 29 31 91    |   contact@bws-associes.com


88, avenue Charles de Gaulle

92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

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